Modern Sword Fighting of San Diego is San Diego’s newest soft sword training and sparring company. Modern Sword Fighting, or MSF aka “Soft Sword Combat”, was designed for children. It is a safe sport to improve cardio, hand/eye coordination, confidence, conditioning, and welcomes people from all walks of life and age groups.

In association with IFMSF and MSF-USA, we offer safe semi-contact and full contact soft sword training and fun combat “role- playing” games. We bring the gear to you and we can work in small and large settings. We allow you to choose the level of intensity, but require that all new players go through our safety orientation. This sport, although new to San Diego, has been tested and proves to be safer than traditional children’s team sports.

Looking for an interesting group activity? Have you and your friends been searching for a new emerging sport? Or maybe just looking to try your hand at a fun, engaging combat sport? The answer is Modern Sword Fighting.

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